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Dr. Jennifer S Jackson, DAOM, MSOM, LMT ~ Acupuncturist, Licensed Massage Therapist, CranioSacral Therapy Practitioner

Dr. Jennifer S Jackson graduated from Southwest Acupuncture College(SWAC) in December of 2011 with a Masters of Oriental Medicine. During her time at SWAC, Dr, Jackson had the privilage to study with Dr. Ehrland Truitt. Here she learned the gentle, yet powerful form of Traditional Japanese Hari-Style Acupuncture.

As a student at SWAC, Dr. Jackson had the honor of traveling with Dr. Truitt and master acupuncturist T. Koei Kuwahara, L.Ac to Osaka, Japan, where she spent a week studying with their lineage of master acupuncturists. During this trip she was introduced to and had the privelage to study with Masanori Tanioka Sensei, one of the leading acupuncturists of Pediatric(ShoniHari) treatments in the world. In April 2015, Dr. Jackson made a second trip to Japan with master Acupuncturist Kuwahara to expand her studies of Meridian Therapy and Pediatric (ShoniHari) treatment.  Dr. Jackson continues her studies of Hari-Style Traditional Acupuncture and Pediatric (Shonihari) Acupuncture with master Acupuncturist Kuwahara in Watertown, MA.

Prior to SWAC, Dr. Jackson has studied Massage Therapy at the Community College of Rhode Island, and has over 17 years experience in that field. Over the 17 years, Dr. Jackson has studied various massage styles and body work. Her heart and hands were drawn to (and love practicing!) Craniosacral Therapy. She studied Craniosacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute in the beginning of 2007.

Dr. Jackson served as the Vice-President of the Boston Hari Society from 2013 - 2015. She served as President of the Boston Hari Society from 2015 - 2017. During her timing serving in these positions, Dr. Jackson was able to facilitate a number of 6 month Hari Series in Watertown, MA.


Dr. Grayson Wood, DAOM ~ Acupuncturist

Grayson Wood is a Doctor of Acupuncture, licensed with the Rhode Island Department of Health. He graduated in 1998 from the New England School of Acupuncture, Watertown Massachusetts, with degrees in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Following graduation, he travelled to Beijing, PRC, and the International Acupuncture Training Center for intensive coursework and practicum in the treatment of stroke and other neurological disorders. Since then, he has continued his studies of classical Chinese medicine and cosmology through the research and teachings of Dr. Tran Viet DzungDr. Heiner FruehaufMr. T. Koei Kuwahara and the Rhode Island School of Tai Chi. Grayson has maintained a small private practice since 1998. He is a member and former Secretary of the Rhode Island Society of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (RISAOM), and the president of the Boston Hari Society.

Dr. Jason Bergman DAOM ~ Acupuncturist

Dr. Jason Bergman DAOM. has been practicing in Rhode Island since 2008, and is a graduate of Oshio college of acupuncture and herbology in Victoria, BC, Canada.  Jason began his path to becoming a doctor of acupuncture and Chinese herbs at young age, at 18 years old he formed an apprentice-type relationship with the renowned 40th generation Korean acupuncturist Myung Chill Kim, watching him treat patients and learning about Asian medical theory.  He is a lifelong student of not only medicine, but the Asian philosophy of Taoism and the ethical code of a Traditional healer.  He is passionate about the role of traditional medicine in modern society as well as the integration of modern allopathic medicine. “In my study I have sought out the highest-level practitioners, learned, and incorporated elements of their technique into my own unique acupuncture style, I am honored to offer to the public, what I consider the “superlative” acupuncture experience.  Acupuncture is both an art and a science, this medicine is sacred to me.”  Past study has included Japanese acupuncture with Tokiko Oshio, advanced acupuncture for mental health and treatment of pain with Tran Viet Dzung, tui na bodywork and Hong Kong lineage herbal medicine with Sifu Kit Wong.  Specialty areas of practice are the treatment of mental health and spirit, spinal health and disc/joint repair.  Dr. Bergman welcomes and enjoys working with children and the elderly. During his stay in Canada, Dr. Bergman spent four years volunteering at the AIDS Vancouver street outreach program, performing charity acupuncture on the addicted and underprivileged population. Jason is also a Qi gong meditation teacher and devotee and teacher of kundalini yoga.


Denise Dacier, NP ~ Reiki Practitioner

Denise Dacier is a Family Nurse Practitioner and has been working in healthcare as an RN in Rhode Island since 2004. Working in the healthcare system, she has been working with people of all ages, genders, cultures and illnesses towards making and meeting their healthcare goals. She always knew she was a healer and that her life’s purpose is to help people but the healthcare system did not allow her to share her gift the best way she knew how. There were too many limitations and restrictions and it was taking a toll on her soul. Since 80% of all healthcare issues are stress related she knew she needed to incorporate stress management strategies into her life. She had used Complementary and Alternative Modalities (CAM) for stress management in her practice with patients and decided to try yoga. Yoga was what tuned Denise into her own energy by making a bodymindspirit connection. She also received Reiki during this period of time which helped further this connection. She was so interested in this energy healing that she enrolled in a Holistic Practitioner Program. She is now a Certified Reiki Master. While on this spiritual journey, she explored other CAM for stress management including breath work, meditation, relaxation, imagery, aromatherapy, essential oils, diet, journaling, prayer, herbology, dance, pilates, therapeutic touch, healing touch, creating a sacred space and personal rituals, lifelong learning and working with gemstones and crystals. After seeing how these interventions were positively affecting her life, she decided to follow her heart and leave the healthcare industry in 2017. Denise decided to explore Holistic Nursing because it empowers her to incorporate CAM in her practice. She is working on her Board Certification in Holistic Nursing from the American Holistic Nurses Association. “Holistic Nursing is a practice that has healing the whole person as its goal and honors relationship-centered care and the interconnectedness of self, others, nature, and spirituality. It focuses on protecting, promoting and optimizing health and wellness. It incorporates integrative modalities/Complementary and Alternative Modalities.” She loves how holistic nursing care is healing oriented and centered on the relationship with the person in contrast to an orientation towards diseases and their cures. “Healing is a spiritual process that attends the wholes of the person- bodymindspirit.” Denise uses awareness and intention to create the optimal healing environment.


Melissa Clark ~ Reiki Practitioner

Melissa Clark is a local yoga instructor, reiki practitioner, and proud mom. Melissa grew up in Iowa around farming and fitness; her collegiate studies spanned chemistry, nutrition, family systems and human services. She has had a personal yoga practice since 2003, and while working in non-profit administration she completed a 200 hour training through Thames Street Yoga in Newport, RI in 2016. Melissa received trauma informed training through a non-profit called United We Om in 2019, and this summer will lead a Karma Yoga Project for Child + Family Services, focused on serving female clients in their residential programs. She received her Reiki Level I and II attunements in 2016. Melissa is a RYT 200 through the Yoga Alliance and a member of the Yoga Service Council. She is motivated to share safe, trauma-informed yoga that is accessible to all, and has found reiki to be a gentle, yet powerful complementary healing modality. Melissa teaches weekly classes at Seaside Yoga Studio in Portsmouth, RI and co-facilitates a weekly therapeutic group for women with anxiety through Groups Work in Providence, RI. You can book reiki healing with Melissa on Mondays and Fridays at Ocean Ki Acupuncture in Middletown, RI.