About Ocean Ki Acupuncture

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About Ocean Ki Acupuncture, Inc.

Ocean Ki Acupuncture, Inc is located at 136A West Main Road in  Middletown, Rhode Island.

At Ocean Ki Acupuncture, our Healing Team looks forward to assisting our patients and clients to achieve balance and harmony they are created for, as well as, looking to support the healing process of our patients and clients. We want to make our guests feel welcomed and at ease. in order for relaxation to come naturally. This aides and quickens the healing process.

During a Hari Style Acupuncture Treatment, our patients can expect the doctor to stay with him or her throughout the duration of the treatment. By remaining with the patient, the doctor is able to react to the patient’s pulse and meridians, leading to a holistic and individualized treatment with each and every visit.

During a Reiki Treatment, our clients can expect our practitioners to stay with him or her throughout the duration of the healing session. This allows the practitioners to work with the clients energy throughout the whole treatment

Office visits are by appointment only.

To make your appointment today, CALL or TEXT Ocean Ki Acupuncture, Inc at 401-862-4894

Middletown Clinic Hours:

  • Monday

    • Reiki with Melissa 10am - 2:30pm

    • Acupuncture with Dr. Jackson 4pm - 8pm

  • Tuesday

    • Acupuncture with Dr. Wood 10am - 3pm

    • Acupuncture with Dr. Jackson 4pm - 8pm

  • Wednesday

    • Acupuncture with Dr. Bergman. 9am - 3pm

    • Acupuncture with Dr. Jackson 4pm - 8pm

  • Thursday

    • Acupuncture with Dr. Bergman. 9am - 3pm

    • Reiki with Denise 3pm - 7:30pm

  • Friday

    • Reiki with Melissa 10am 2:30pm

    • Acupuncture with Dr. Jackson. 4pm - 8pm

  • Saturday

    • Acupuncture with Dr. Bergman. 9am - 2pm

Ocean Ki Acupuncture has one satellite offices available to accommodate the residents of the East Bay area of Rhode Island and surrounding Massachusetts. This satellite office is located at 22 Water Street in Warren, Rhode Island, where Dr. Jackson sees patients on Thursdays at this location.

Warren Clinic Hours: (Dr. Jackson only)

  • Thursday 5:30pm - 8:30pm

About Ocean Ki Acupuncture, Inc.’s Name

Ocean Ki Acupuncture found its name in the desert, of all places. Dr. Jackson was in Albuquerque, NM getting ready to graduate and brainstorming names for her clinic that she would be starting when returning home. She knew the ocean was a huge draw for her to go back home and had to be integrated into her clinic’s name somehow.

Dr. Jackson, also, remembered an explanation she heard her teacher share with one of his patients about Ki. He explained that, if we are able to connect our Ki(Essential Life Force Energy) to the vast and deep ocean, we would never be depleted of energy. This is because the ocean, in its vast abundance, is always moving, generating and full of Ki.

By piecing together these two aspects of her life, Dr. Jackson had found the name for her Acupuncture Clinic. It is her goal to be able to share abundant Ki to all the patients and clients who walk into her clinic.